AVerMedia Launches the Live Streamer CAM 513 webcam with CamEngine AI motion tracking

AVerMedia Technologies Inc., a leader in digital audio and video, is announcing the launch of its latest addition to the AVerMedia webcam lineup, the Live Streamer CAM 513. It’s designed specifically for content creators looking to elevate and future-proof their content and to eliminate the need to purchase expensive 4K cameras or equipment.

The Live Streamer CAM 513 (CAM 513) is a 4K UHD video capable webcam with an integrated wide-angle lens, privacy shutter, dual stereo microphones, and a 360-degree swivel design. It comes equipped with CamEngine, AVerMedia’s software that provides users with full control over video and image settings, to help creators to truly unlock the capabilities of its 4K sensor. It’s plug and play design also makes is compatible with streaming software including, OBS, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit and more.

AVerMedia Launches the Live Streamer CAM 513 webcam with CamEngine AI motion tracking

Going Live On Air

The CAM 513 takes full advantage of its Sony® Exmor R™ 4K CMOS and F2.8 aperture to deliver top of the line, pristine 4K video quality for live streaming and content creation. The 94-degree wide angle lens lets users capture stunning scenery or group shots. With no need for extra lenses or equipment to achieve these wide shots, the CAM 513 is ideal for filming in tighter spaces. Its 360-degree swivel design makes getting the perfect angle easy too.

Thanks to the built-in privacy shutter, creators can have extra peace of mind as it’s now easier than ever to better protect themselves against any would-be webcam hackers or content thieves.

Combine with the Power of CamEngine

To take full advantage of both the 4K Sony sensor and wide-angle lens, AVerMedia has added brand new features to CamEngine, specifically for use with the CAM 513. Aside from adjusting image settings, using fun stickers, and adding filters, AVerMedia has also developed new ePTZ and AI motion tracking features. Both these features are designed for those looking to achieve more professional, engaging content for their audience.

Zooming in on the subject whilst filming can cause problems and affect the quality of the video produced, from being too grainy to out of focus. The ePTZ feature enables creators to determine presets for different digital zoom portions from the 4K sensor. They can also swap between them to elevate the production value of their streams, whilst maintaining excellent video quality, even while zooming in. 

The AI motion tracking feature will unlock the auto-framing function, tracking the subject’s face and movements to keep them perfectly in frame. There’s no need to stay rooted in one place or continually adjust the camera position to ensure the frame is still central. 

Philipe Serreau, Director at AVerMedia, said: “The Live Streamer CAM 513 opens up so many creative opportunities when paired with other products from the AVerMedia family. Whether you’re a gamer, have your own podcast or YouTube channel, or are a professional who needs to run business meetings smoothly. For example, the AM series microphones can be used in all of these scenarios for clear, crisp sound, letting your voice be heard.”

Who can benefit from the Live Streamer CAM 513?

The dream for streamers

A user group that can tremendously benefit from the latest addition to AVerMedia’s webcam lineup, are Youtubers and streamers on gaming platforms like Twitch. The camera’s ePTZ feature is particularly interesting for a game interface where lots of activity is happening on a relatively small screen. For those streamers who want to up their game, we recommend bundling the Live Streamer CAM 513 with the Live Gamer MINI (GC311), an entry-level game capture card capable of capturing 1080p HD footage at 60 fps. The included RECentral streaming software allows streaming to multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook at the same time. RECentral supports multiple overlays including webcam feed and channel logo and allows multiple streams with different resolutions or bitrates all from one streaming PC.

Examples of external USB Game capture cards that are suitable for gameplay content on next-gen consoles, such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox One Series X, include: the entry-level GC311 Live Gamer Mini (full HD 1080p60) and the high-end GC553 Live Gamer Ultra (4Kp30 HDR) or the internal PCI-E GC573 Live Gamer 4K (4Kp60 HDR).

Educating the minds of tomorrow

The CAM 513 webcam paired with CamEngine brings an array of positive benefits to educators teaching in an ever more virtual world. As Covi-19 causes some schools and universities to close their doors, Professors are turning to virtual means to keep lessons going. Whether on YouTube, Zoom or Teams, CamEngine can be used with any shared video content platform.

But what are the best practices for this kind of teaching and how can it be as engaging as in-person? The AI motion tracking feature of CamEngine allows teachers to bring another dimension of movement to the online classroom, as if you were actually there. By having a camera that can follow you whilst teaching, there’s no need to be confined to your laptop desk or worry about half the writing on the board being cut off or being out of shot for any demonstrations. Opening up the whole classroom means there’s more room to teach effectively and improving the online learning experiences, as remote education becomes an essential need today, globally.

Additionally, the AW315 wireless teacher microphone with its noise and buzz reduction technology, is the perfect partners so students can hear you loud and clear.

Get down to business

It’s not just creative content makers or hobbyists that can make use of the CAM 513, professionals in the business and medical worlds can also benefit from crisp clear video quality and sound.

Where working from home was once treated as a perk for many employees, our homes have become our offices and kitchen tables have become desks. Video conference calls happen on a daily basis so ensuring you have the correct camera and sound set up is key to being seen and heard to work efficiently.

The 4K UHD video features of the CAM 513 go hand in hand with AVerMedia’s AM310 USB microphone. Affordable, easy to set up, the AM310 helps you to sound like a pro with its real-time audio monitoring and un-directional voice monitoring. Not only will it perfectly pick up your voice, it will reject unwanted sounds near you so your colleagues don’t have to listen to the coffee machine whirring or dog barking in the next room. 

Furthermore, if colleagues can’t attend a meeting or there’s a video conference you need to share more widely, BU Extreme Cap series capture cards can record and share DSLR camera content.

Philippe Serreau, Director, adds: “AVerMedia provides users with diverse products that can be combined to enhance the complete user experience regardless of the scenario. We are always looking forward to creating new reliable solutions that connect with the people.”

For more features and specifications of the Live Stream CAM 513 and other products please visit AVerMedia official website at www.avermedia.com.

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