AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad Review

AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad



AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad is an extended mouse pad that turns an area of your desk into a consistent and comfortable computer gaming or working space. Perfect for playing first-person shooters and for other computing activities requiring extra control like graphic design and video editing.

AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad Review

This mouse pad features a micro-textured cloth surface that is soft and resilient to give you more control over your mouse. The rubber base prevents the pad from sliding on the desk when making fast mouse movements or typing a lot with your keyboard.

The AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad is great for those who set their mice with lower DPI settings. Give your wrist rest while still making that precise headshot in-game with the comfortable, dependable 4mm thickness and large sliding space. Your desk is also well protected.

Designed for optimum performance and with stitched edges to protect against fraying, this highly functional mouse pad keeps a low profile on your desk. The pad is also easy to keep looking like new because it’s made of fine-textured, water-resistant fabric and high-density rubber that you can wash without worry.

AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad Specs:

  • Model: KM-P3
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Dimensions: 900 x 400 x 4mm / 35.4 x 15.7 x 0.15inch
  • Weight: 820g / 1.8lb

This allows enough room for my keyboard and mouse, with space to move about if needed. This is great for a bigger desk, as I found my mouse was falling off the mouse mat. This gaming mouse pad remains uniformly flat even over imperfect surfaces and stays in place when the gaming gets hectic thanks to its grippy underside. With a sturdy foundation for consistent mouse movements, the mat’s thickness also serves to cushion your wrist when you game.

Being around 4mm thick helps make it a lot more comfortable to run my hand over when using the mouse. Aukey opted to use a smooth surface with an enhanced command. This makes it perfect for those of us who prefer more resistance. With just the right amount of glide and utilizing only the finest materials, the mouse mat ensures perfect consistency.

Overall if you are after a mouse to last a lifetime then the AUKEY XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Pad is the one to go for. You haven’t lived till you’ve used an XXL mouse pad for your whole desk. 

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