AUKEY True Wireless Earphones Review

AUKEY True Wireless Earphones



Having reviewed several Aukey Bluetooth earphones in the past we decided to try out these AUKEY True Wireless Earphones. They surpassed my expectations. The sound quality is very good, no distortion, very loud at the same input level, I find myself running these at least 3 clicks down on volume vs my other headphones on my Samsung.

AUKEY True Wireless Earphones Review

You need to make sure you use the right size buds to fit your ear properly to get the noise cancellation, but once you’ve done that you’ll be away.

They are quite bass-heavy and suit electronic music well because of this. If listening on a flat EQ, they are a bit too heavy on bass and treble and lacking the midrange a bit. I find reducing the treble works well, the bass booster mode further enhances the bass too much.

The charging case is very handy and battery life easily outlasts the length of time you can comfortably wear these aukeys. I find after an hour plus my ears start to get a little uncomfortable but earbuds usually do that anyway. Three size silicone tips should slow you to get an optimal fit.

Overall for the price, the AUKEY True Wireless Earphones are OK and have a lot of the right features.

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