AUKEY 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad Review

AUKEY Fast Wireless Charger 10W, Wireless Charging Pad for any Qi-Compatible Devices







  • Sleek Design
  • Simple to use


  • Accuracy of charging pad

The AUKEY Fast Wireless Charger is a 10W charging pad for your Qi-enabled devices. Its sleek, minimal and has a great graphite design and look to it. This fast charging pad is a great addition to any household.

AUKEY 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad Review

Inside the box is the pad itself, micro-USB cable and instructions. But no power adapter, this was a surprise and did have to dig around my flat to find a spare one. The design of the charger is sleek, with a graphite brush style to it. The whole texture is non-slip, so I know I can place my phone on it and it won’t slip off.

I have been using this every night I have gone to bed, and have found my phone fully charged each time. I was a little worried about over-heating but it was a normal temperature each time I took it off. Testing this on my S9+ and iPhone XR, I found neither had any issues with the pad or heat issues.

AUKEY 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad Review

AUKEY 10W Fast Wireless Charger Pad Specs:

  • Model Number: LC-Q6
  • Input: 5V 2A, 9V 1.6A
  • Maximum Power Output: 10W

My only issue with Wireless charging pads themselves is that it will take a couple of attempts to find the right position to charge my phone. The LED on the front is red when it’s not charging and green when it does. So I don’t have to sit up to make sure my phone is charging.

I have tried various cases on my phone, and the phone will charge each time. Even though plastic leather cases, which I was really surprised to find out. This is the perfect charger for me, as it is a place and leave the device, and the fact I don’t have to take off the case is a massive bonus for me.

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