AUKEY 1080P Webcam Review

AUKEY 1080P Webcam



The AUKEY 1080P Webcam has excellent video quality with 1080p HD 30fps streaming and recording. Fixed focus keeps things in focus up to five meters away. Stream and capture clearer and more detailed video, also with stereo sound.

AUKEY 1080P Webcam Review

The resolution of this webcam is 1080p (it’s even in the name), which might not sound a lot in this day and age. But, this is a perfectly usable camera, which picks up details and is great for web calls. I found under low light, it does tend to overexpose my face and this can cause artefacts to appear. I’d recommend setting up a good light source. Though this is still a hundred times better than any built-in webcam.

You just need to unpack and then plug in the AUKEY 1080P Webcam, then let Windows download and install the drivers. I did have a little bit of embarrassment as there was a small blue protector on the lens, which I didn’t realise. I spent a long time fiddling with my camera settings before I saw it. It has a solid hinge design so perfect for any monitor or laptop screen. It features a glossy plastic body, in black. I love AUKEY, but add a splash of colour, please!

The mic is great and perfect for one-on-one chats. It features noise cancelling, which did work when we tested in a coffee shop (pre-lockdown), and I guess would be useful in a busy office.

Overall, the AUKEY 1080P Webcam is a great cheap option for people working from home and being on all those Zoom calls. Finally, check out our other Camera reviews. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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