Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch Review

I hadn’t played the original Asdvine Hearts on Switch. Having checked reviews, it appears to have been an ok game. So I was completely fresh going into playing Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch.

Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch Review

There is a short intro explaining the back story, and the first hour or so of the game tries to explain everything from the previous game. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement and definitely, feel it would have been easier to play the original game first. The plot in Asdivine Hearts involves god-like beings and a sort of multiverse. As you can imagine you’d need as much backstory as possible in order to know all the characters and locations. But one main story element is the main character Zack seems to have a way with the ladies, as any female I met seemed to be infatuated with me.

Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch Review

Turn-based combat is still the main part of the combat system, but you can now form teams in order to share health and spells. There are creatures to collect, each with different abilities at their disposal. This combination is a breath of fresh air.

Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch Trailer

There is also a rubix system, which allows you to insert jewels into a cube in a Tetris-like fashion. The jewels grant various rewards to the character. You can also combine weapons of the same type into more powerful ones. I did have issues with the fact weapon drops were far and few between.

Asdivine Hearts II on Nintendo Switch Review

This has the classic “RPG Maker” look, but the in-combat graphics are pretty cool, with larger sprites looking awesome. The sounds and music are what you would come to expect. The music is ok and didn’t blow me away.

Asdivine Hearts II features some really smart combat modes, but the story is a bit confusing and the design can be a little samey. Finally, please check out our other game reviews.

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  1. I like how it’s the girls this time that are saving their significant others. Back in the retro days it was always that damsel in distress scenario for the dudes. Sign of the times. You can also play with the boys as well sometime in the game. Got a physical copy on the way for the NS.

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