AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light Review

AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light



The AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light has a 4-mic array that is equipped with VoiceRadar so background noises are quieted while vocals are enhanced for better communication. Made from a specialized silk membrane, the unique dual speakers allow you to hear your colleagues loud and clear. Let the real you shine through as AnkerWork B600 intelligently adapts to different lighting conditions by adjusting image quality.

Solo Frame keeps you in the centre of the frame so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your camera if you move around while presenting. Reduce lag and enhance your video experience with quick-adjusting autofocus. Get the most out of your AnkerWork B600 and download the AnkerWork Software. Manually control and adjust settings, update firmware, and more.

AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light Review

AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light Review

I found the B600 had a really good picture quality. The LED lamp can be controlled via the software or by touching the side. The camera was easily detected by Windows 10 (build 21H1) with no drivers required, built-in microphones (of which there are 4 beneath), the clamp to mount it on a monitor is good (& has an a1/4″ tripod thread/mount too). You will need to allow for the USB-C cable to be connected to the PC and a secondary cable for plugging into the power.

General build quality I would say is very good, the whole unit is very heavy and needs to be attached to a monitor and not a laptop screen. Focus is fixed and the view is quite a wide-angle – at about 50cm away from it, 4 people could sit comfortably, side by side and all be in view.

The light also acts as a shutter turning off the camera when it is clipped down. There is an activation LED so you know when it is “on” or not.
The camera view is very wide – but that’s deliberate / design so it can be used at distance I guess, so can’t knock it too much for that. But the software allows for you to change this as needed.

Microphone quality within the MS Teams application test seemed to pick my voice up ok but it was very boomy/bassy when replayed back. But with a bit of tweaking it’s position I was able to get it in a good place for my voice.

Overall, the AnkerWork B600 Video Camera and Built-In Light is a must-have for any zoom/teams proffesional. It comes packed with everything you need.

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