Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses



Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses fit faces of virtually all shapes and sizes. The quick release hinges flex by up to 8° and their precisely balanced build minimizes pressure and weight on your ears and nose for long-lasting comfort.

The Soundcore Frames offer very balanced audio. With highs these are a bit off. They are missing some edge sparkle with the higher frequency instruments like cymbals. For the mids the Soundcore Frames are more forward with vocals, singers sound like they’re more present.

Finally, for the lows, the bass is tighter, cleaner, and has far less mid-bass which contributes to the less warm/muffled sounding vocals. However, it doesn’t go as deep as I would like. Even messing with the EQ, I wasn’t able to make it the level I wanted. But, this only matters in quiet environments. Out on the street, bass is non-existent.

Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

I love Privacy Mode, as when I’m out in the street, no one can hear anything unless they are standing directly behind me. This is due to the street noise cancelling any sound emitted from the soundcore. Hence you don’t have to worry about people hearing you playing music out in public.

Indoors, however, can be tricky, if you are in absolute quiet place such as library, playing the frame at high volume can easily be heard by others, so you need to adjust the volume a bit so others won’t hear. But say if you are in the lobby of a building, set the volume to 85% only people 3 feet in front or 2 feet behind me will hear a little bit music.

I think they look great and aren’t too heavy. The Soundcore app allows you to virtually try on different frames. This is a pretty niche feature and means you can try before you buy. The connection is solid and works at a great distance. Battery life is solid, charging is done via a propietary cable. I would’ve liked to see a charging case or stand for these, so when you are done wearing them you can just place them in the case and they charge.

Overall, the Anker Soundcore Frames Bluetooth Sunglasses have a ton of thought put into them. I wish there were more accessories such as charging case, etc.

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