Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad Review

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad



No more alignment problems, the Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad snaps magnetically into place. This ensures perfect alignment and a stronghold for stable and efficient charging.

Designed for iPhone 12, it pairs up flawlessly with the magnetic functions of the iPhone 12 series. Also as with compatible MagSafe phone cases.

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad Review

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad Review

It’s only 0.3 inches thick to remain as low profile as possible while clipped to the back of your phone. Compact, lightweight, and extra thin to fit easily into any backpack.

Per this product’s specs, one of the most serious flaws is that the USB-C cable is permanently attached. Yes, I know the other one is too but I expected innovation not me too. I don’t know why they would have done this but it eliminates our options for choosing our own cable length, brand, design or simply being able to replace it if it breaks or goes bad, and you know it will, cables always break and here when it does the whole gadget becomes trash.

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad Review

Surprisingly for something from Anker it is not backwards compatible so if you have other wireless charging phones you will have to own two or more chargers. And on that subject, breaking from what I would expect no it doesn’t even come with a charger, you only get the pad itself. They call it a charger but what you get is useless unless you buy an optional actual charger power unit. Note carefully that it is only compatible with the four phones and four cases listed. And if you want to take full advantage of the helpful charging animation that your phone has, nope you have to give that up with this product.

Finally and probably most importantly it doesn’t change as fast as the real MagSafe thing that’s only a few bucks more from your phone’s manufacturer. That’s where they completely lost my interest, it just doesn’t make sense.

I like to make the right buying decisions, which include saving money when I can. I tried to give this device a fair side by side comparison and my final result is that it offers no advantages over the real thing and it falls short when it comes to everything we give up just to save a few bucks. Anker has usually been a reliable source for clones but they seem to have lost their cutting edge lately.

Overall, the Anker PowerWave Magnetic Charging Pad is the one accessory I recommend on spending the extra and getting the real thing. It’s too risky to mess around with something as important as keeping the battery in your new 12 series as healthy as possible.

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