Anker Nano II USB C Fast Charger Review

Anker Nano II USB C Fast Charger



The Anker Nano II 65W USB C Fast Charger is the first and only charger I have had that my Samsung S21 Ultra displays on the screen super-fast charging, rather than all the others I have (and I have quite a few I have collected over the years) that either say Charging or fast charging. This includes other Anker fast chargers, a (top of the range) Spigen 21w type C fast charger ( Spigen is also able to charge Macbooks and Chrome books up to 100w).

Anker Nano II USB C Fast Charger Review

That said I do only use it when I need to either get a quick boost or the phone fully charged and time is short, because, I am not overly sure it does the phone battery any favours to constantly charge so quickly. To give a comparison, and it is only a crude test.

Charging from my Anker 60w and Aukey 5 port USB wall charger (using one of the two quick charges 3.0 ports with nothing else plugged in) with my phone battery at 48% charge the phone indicates 1hr 18mins to full charge, I get similar results from three, 2 port wall socket fast chargers (I have the most powerful available from Anker, Aukey and Rav power) using the Spigen type C fast charger, my phone battery at 48%, my phone says 54 minutes to fully charged. Using the Anker Nano II with the phone battery again at 48% the phone indicates just 43 minutes until fully charged.

Anker Nano II USB C Fast Charger Review

In my test, although I plugged in the Anker Nano II first and subsequently another seven chargers after, I only had them each plugged in for a few seconds. I used the Nano II first so the battery had a fraction less power than when plugging in the seventh. I used the Spigen type C charger second and used the same type C lead, I also used the same USB lead for all the USB fast chargers, I did also run two further tests of the USB chargers (where possible on quick charge 3.0) using different leads.

Compared to the 20W nano III (which I’m a massive fan of and have 2) this is bulkier – and much much heavier! The bulk isn’t much though considering its output. It feels like it is one of the highest quality Anker products I have felt. Its weight makes me think that the components are high quality and should last. It has almost a metallic finish on its front – but I can’t tell if it’s real metal.

It’s worth noting for best performance you need to pair this with a USB-c cable that has high throughput too – I found it charges faster with cables specified to take 100W.

Overall, the Anker Nano II USB C Fast Charger is easily put in a bag, can charge everything very fast and feels amazing quality. Also, maybe a bit bulkier and heavier than previous nano products, but forgiven due to its massive output. For the price – worth it, considering an official Apple MacBook charger is 2x larger and 2x pricier!

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