Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler Review

Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler



With the advent of technologically advanced portable coolers, the Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler stands out as an impressive piece of technology. By marrying convenience with energy efficiency, this cooler provides you with a reliable and long-lasting cooling solution that exceeds most on the market.

Let’s kick things off with the impressive cooling prowess of the EverFrost. Tested under ambient temperatures of 77°F (25°C), the EverFrost can sustain a temperature of 39°F (4°C) for up to 42 hours, making it a weekend warrior’s best friend. Moreover, its quick cooling feature takes a mere 30 minutes to chill from 77°F down to 32°F, meaning your refreshments are chilled almost as soon as you pack them. For these robust cooling capabilities, I give it a perfect 10/10.

One remarkable feature of the EverFrost is its 299Wh detachable battery. Not only does it provide the cooler with an extended cooling time, but it also doubles as a portable power bank equipped with a 60W PD USB-C port and two 12W USB-A ports. So, while you’re enjoying your adventure, your devices can remain powered. A solid 9/10 for this feature.

Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler Review

The EverFrost introduces an eco-friendly edge to outdoor adventures with its 100W solar input charging system. This feature sets the EverFrost apart, offering a renewable energy source, even in remote locations, thus ensuring that you’ll never be caught short. However, the need for sunny conditions may limit its usability, leading to a slightly reduced score of 8/10.

Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler Review

The EasyTow suitcase design is another standout feature. Thanks to the EasyTow handle and the EverFrost’s robust wheels, portability is a breeze. Add in the extendable table and built-in bottle opener, and you’ve got an indispensable companion for your next outdoor excursion. The thoughtful design earns a 9/10.

EverFrost’s Anker App remote control allows for temperature adjustments even when you’re away from the cooler, adding a touch of convenience and ensuring food quality and freshness. However, it would be great if Anker developed an automatic temperature control feature, leading to a score of 8/10 for this functionality.

With respect to charging, the EverFrost offers a broad range of options: a 95W adapter, car charging cable, 100W solar panel, or 60W USB-C port. This flexibility makes it highly adaptable to different situations, garnering a 9/10.

Anker Powered Cooler Review

The EverFrost is not entirely waterproof, which is slightly disappointing for those keen on water-based activities. However, with a bit of careful positioning, it can still be used near water bodies. For this minor shortfall, I give it an 8/10.

The capacity range of 33L/43L/53L caters to different needs, while its efficient cooling system ensures that the temperature inside stays consistent, offering a quiet refrigeration under 42dB. This adaptability and functionality earn a score of 9/10.

In terms of maintenance, Anker recommends fully charging the EverFrost before storage and every three months during, which is pretty standard. However, the need to dump internal water before storage might be an inconvenience for some users, leading to an 8/10.

To wrap it up, the Anker EverFrost 30 Powered Cooler is a revolution in portable coolers, with its remarkable cooling performance, convenient design, and eco-friendly charging. Though it has room for minor improvements, it’s undoubtedly a solid investment for anyone looking to bring modern convenience to their outdoor adventures. Therefore, it bags an overall score of 9 out of 10.

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