Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 Review

Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20



The Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 comes packaged in a smart box. You get the base vacuum unit itself, an extension hose, a brush head, a storage bag, a refreshingly detailed instructions manual, and a car cigarette-lighter charger and USB-C charging cable. The latter means that the vacuum can be charged indoors for convenience and use away from the car.

In terms of charging – and battery life – the figures are impressive. The vacuum only takes an hour to fully charge and has a battery life of around 30 minutes which is sufficient time to thoroughly clean even the largest car.

Some thought has gone into the design of the product. The storage bag keeps the vacuum and accessories neatly together in the car boot. Interestingly though the vacuum itself will fit in a car drinks holder. The accessories mean that virtually every part of the car can be accessed via the vacuum. Even the fixed brush head attached to the vacuum can be extended by a couple of centimetres. The dust container is not particularly large but is entirely suited in size to clean a car. The built LED light allows you to see areas of the car which otherwise would be difficult to clean.

Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 Review

Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 Review

You can also access the light in an emergency without engaging the vacuum by holding down the mode button for three seconds! Three LEDs close to the on/off button show the battery level whilst charging and also the battery life remaining when the unit is in use. These lights also flash in red to show a machine error.

Negatives, well I wouldn’t use the vacuum to clean your house. The dust collection area is quite small restricted further by the filter which takes up some space in the collection unit. The vacuum will not work when it is charging which seems to be a common issue. Whilst the battery life is good, this is for Eco mode. The Max mode reduces battery life by two-thirds, but again this is fairly standard for any battery-powered vacuum. A button above the power on/off switch sets the operating mode. At close to £100 at the time of review the vacuum is also a little expensive.

Overall, the Anker Eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is a strong product.

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