Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 Review – Must Have!

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2



With the Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2, your Quest 2 will always be charged up and ready to go for your next gaming session. Effortlessly charge your Quest 2 and Touch controllers at the same time. Just place them on the dock when you’re done playing to start charging.

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2  Review

Instead of having your Quest 2 laying on a table with cables tangled everywhere, you can now have it neatly displayed and stored while charging. Custom built to Oculus 2’s dimensions allowing for a snug fit while charging and smooth pick up when you want to play.

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Combines overload protection, overcharge protection, and overcurrent protection to provide safe charging to your device.

Designed so that your Quest 2 fits snugly on the dock while charging and can be easily picked up when you’re ready to play again. Use the included rechargeable batteries and custom covers to keep your controllers charged up. And with each battery supporting up to 500 recharges, you can hugely reduce the number of batteries you throw away.

Features overcharge protection to automatically turn off when your Quest 2 is fully charged. After this finally came back in stock, I had to get one.
The dock looks amazing and works well. Charging is so much easier now, just set things down and they’re charging.

Setup was simple, plug in the dock via the USB cable and plugin, insert the HMD charger head until it clicks in place. Replace the regular rechargeable batteries I had in the motion controllers with the provided custom ones, making sure the contact points were facing up and put on the custom controller battery covers. Done.

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2  Review

The indicators on the front are great, they show what is charging, what is charged, and even has an indicator if there is something wrong with charging. The dock itself is robust and weighty, it feels quality. Charging is fast too.

The only negative, for the HMD to fit in place properly, you can’t have a headphone jack in the socket, as the curve of the dock’s HMD receiver blocks the HMD from sitting right if headphones are plugged in.

Overall, the Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 is a must-have for any Quest 2 owners.

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