Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank Review

Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank


The Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank is equipped with the latest Power Delivery 3.1 and bi-directional technology to quickly recharge the portable charger or get a 140W ultra-powerful charge.

This is a very good charger. It’s a shame that Anker doesn’t publish all the technical details as they are doing themselves a disservice.
I have had Anker chargers for about 10 years and the original one is still going strong. It’s USB though so a bit dated and the majority of my equipment (notebook, iPad, phone and steam deck being the major ones) are USB c so it was time for an update and I wanted something that would be future-proof.

This power bank fits that requirement as it supports 140W charging. The trickle charging feature is very useful for charging my watch, mouse and headphones as most power banks switch off before they are fully charged. I have previously had to also carry a small Poundland power bank which has a permanent 5V output to charge these devices but that is no longer required.

Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank Review

Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank Review

Not mentioned on the listing or their website is that this power bank supports PPS up to the full 4A. So if you have a Samsung ultra phone then it can charge at a maximum of 45W. It also supports pass-through charging. So you can charge the power bank at the same time as having it provide power.

Very handy if you have a powerful charger which might only have a single output. It also means you can power a notebook which might require 65W for example but are only able to use a car USB adapter which can supply 40W. The power bank will pass the power through and top it up from the internal batteries which will extend the runtime considerably.

Overall, the Anker 737 24000mAh Power Bank is my new favourite go-to battery charger.

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