Amazon Echo Show 15 Review

Amazon Echo Show 15



Amazon’s Echo Show 15 has indisputably revolutionized how we interact with smart displays. Its fusion of sophisticated AI technology with robust and user-friendly design effectively bridges the gap between modern family organization and all-inclusive entertainment.

Right out of the box, you are greeted with the Echo Show 15’s dazzling 15.6″ full HD (1080p) smart display, which offers vibrant colours and crisp detail. Whether for streaming your favourite movies or scrolling through your family photo album, the display is impressive. Your photos look brilliant, your videos pop off the screen, and even simple web browsing is more engaging.

The integration of Fire TV into this unit is a masterstroke from Amazon. It effectively transforms the Echo Show 15 into a mini entertainment hub capable of streaming hundreds of thousands of films and TV episodes. The inbuilt compatibility with popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more is a real treat for entertainment enthusiasts.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review

Using Echo Show 15 is more than just streaming videos; it helps maintain a well-organised household. The customisable widgets are a godsend, with tools like calendars, sticky notes, and to-do lists that enable you to keep the family’s schedule in check. From meal ideas to managing shopping lists, Alexa is there to make your day run more smoothly.

The included remote is a nice touch. While it doesn’t have the capability to control widgets or other skills on the Echo Show 15, it’s a welcome tool for easier navigation within the Fire TV experience. Unfortunately, some limitations exist, such as the inability to use the remote to control BBC iPlayer and ITVX, which might be deal-breakers for some.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review

Privacy is a central concern with smart devices these days, and Amazon has taken this into account. The Echo Show 15 is designed with multiple layers of privacy control, allowing you to disconnect the microphones electronically and slide a built-in cover to close the camera. The importance of this cannot be overstated in a world increasingly aware of digital privacy.

The option to mount the Echo Show 15 on the wall or display it on a stand (sold separately) provides much-needed versatility for different households. This flexibility allows for creative positioning, and the included mounting template makes installation easy. However, it’s worth noting that changing the display’s orientation after installation involves unhooking and reattaching it.

The technical specs of the Echo Show 15 are substantial. The robust Amlogic POP1 octa-core SoC with Amazon AZ2 neural network engine ensures smooth performance, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options are comprehensive. The ALS RGB + Accelerometer sensor also adds a neat touch to the device’s functionality.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Review

Despite the impressive features, there are a few drawbacks. The Echo Show 15’s language compatibility is somewhat restricted, with only English fully supported. Additionally, the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd generation) can only be paired with one device at a time. And while the voice assistant is an excellent tool, it isn’t as precise with certain commands and enquiries as one might expect from a flagship Amazon device.

In terms of sustainability, Amazon has made considerable strides with Echo Show 15. The device is made from 35% post-consumer recycled plastics and 99% recycled aluminium. Moreover, Amazon is committed to producing clean energy equivalent to the electricity used by this device. These green initiatives deserve commendation, although it’s essential to note that the power cable isn’t included, which might be a minor inconvenience to some users.

In conclusion, the Echo Show 15 offers a robust suite of features that make it a versatile addition to any household. The integration of Fire TV and the range of family-friendly widgets create an engaging and functional hub of home entertainment and organization. However, the device isn’t without its limitations and the relatively high price may deter some potential buyers.

With its intelligent design and user-friendly interface, I give the Echo Show 15 a solid 8.5/10. This rating reflects the device’s impressive capabilities, but also acknowledges the areas where there is room for improvement. If you’re looking for a smart display that does more than just stream content, the Echo Show 15 could be a worthwhile addition to your smart home ecosystem.

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