Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch Review

Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch



The Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch features a retro four-sided screen, equipped with four physical buttons and a design which provides the perfect balance of style and versatile functionality. It’s the perfect combination of classic design and modern features.

Equipped with BioTrackerTMPPG sensor 3, the Amazfit Neo can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, providing real-time heart rate monitoring to help you better understand your health status. The Amazfit Neo integrates the innovative PAITM Health Assessment System, which eliminates the need to track complicated data and allows you to intuitively understand your physical state at a glance. PAITM can be used anytime, anywhere and with any form of exercise in your daily life. Get a clear understanding of your health through your PAITM score without having to keep track of complex data.

Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch Review

Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch Review

Supported by BioTrackerTM PPG sensor3 and powerful algorithms, the Amazfit Neo helps track your exercise, including steps, and calories. Choose from running, walking or cycling modes, and view more detailed information about your exercise time and heart rate to help increase your PAITM value score.

The Amazfit Neo effortlessly monitors your sleep. Once synchronized to the app, you can review the various stages and quality of your sleep. It helps you gain a clearer understanding of your sleep patterns and what sleep stages are needed to improve your sleep quality. Simply keep your smartwatch on, close your eyes, and check the data when you wake up.

Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch Review

The Amazfit Neo features a retro styled, always-on display. It’s power efficient and lets you see the screen clearly under bright light. The Lift-to-wake5 feature allows you to activate the screen quickly and naturally when reading the time.

The Amazfit Neo can sync with the number of text messages, e-mails and notifications from several popular apps on your smartphone. The Amazfit Neo has impressive battery-life and power-management capabilities, and can be used for up to four weeks on a single full charge. Never worry about running out of battery.

The Amazfit Neo features a durable exterior case and PUR strap that provides effective waterproofing to a depth of 50 meters . Running, walking or cycling, the resilient design will perform in tough environments.

This is a nice looking retro watch and the price is fantastic, but if you are older, it falls short in one key area: it’s impossible to hear it! My kids can hear it beep, but unless I put my hearing aids in, I can’t. That’s because the beep is so high pitched and of course, high pitch is the first part of your hearing range to go with age. The watch doesn’t vibrate, it only beeps when you get a notification, so if you want to be notified, and you don’t have the best hearing, this watch isn’t for you. If you are younger, then it’ll be fine.

Sound issues aside, you get a good accurate step count, a heart rate count, a watch that adjusts itself to perfect time via the internet (via your phone of course) and all for under £30. What’s not to love? If it had a vibrate function, or a lower pitched louder beep, it would be a keeper.

Overall, the Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro Smartwatch is a solid choice, I can’t keep it as an everday watch because I just don’t know when I get notifications.

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