ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem Review – Product of 2023

ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem



The ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem empowers you to meet the challenges unique to your day. Simply connect the modular chargers for fast wireless charging in the home, office, car or on the go. One great wireless charging experience. Wherever you are.

The Ecosystem is made up of:

  • 2-in-1 Charging Dock
  • 3-in-1 Charging Dock
  • Wireless Car Charger
  • Wireless Powerbank
  • Apple Watch Charger

The 2 and 3 in one chargers, aswell as the wireless car charger all feature removeable wireless powerbanks. These slot into charger, and charge while charging your device. You can then slide it out when you go out, and you always have a fully charged powerbank to use on the go.

ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem Review - Product of 2023

The heart the entire ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem, is the pocket sized magnetic power bank. This works as your safegaurd against life unexpected detours. Just snap it on for a full recharge, wherever you are.

You can have mutiple chargers around the house and cars. You can then slot in the powerbank into them and instantly start using them to charge your devices. This worked every time I tested it, and I found I was using the system more and more wherever I go out.

The Matrix Magnetic Charging Dock and Power Bank both offer a USB-C charging port, in case you need to lend some juice to someone who hasn’t made the jump to wireless charging.

Overall, the ALOGIC Charging Matrix Ecosystem may just be the thing we all need in our lives.

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