Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker Review

Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker Review



Among the industry’s most lusted-after MILFs, Alexis Fawx takes pleasure to a whole new level. Pair the Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker with KEON and her phenomenal erotic content and feel intense life-like sensations.

Every FeelStars toy has been sort of tight for me. Borderline almost too tight for me. It was never too tight to make me uncomfortable, but I did desire more room in every toy I have tried from Kiiroo. FeelAlexis fixes this problem by having an orifice, or vagina, that is at least 1/3rd larger than the standard FeelStar stroker. The entrance to the texture right after this is also wider, and much more accommodating than any other FeelStar stroker. Throughout the entire sleeve, there is only one point of noticeable tightness, right after the ringed section in the beginning. For the most part though, this is absolutely going to be a looser stroker when compared to the other FeelStars. If you are a bit girthier like I am, you are going to appreciate this space, and so will your cock.

Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker Review

Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker Review

For the most part, the toy is going to feel like a lot of Lotus Nodes on the inside. Which, if you didn’t know, means that the internal texturing has a lot of rings within the design. The rings make a pass through sensation that essentially strokes your cock at whatever points the rings reside in. This gives a great feeling when you consider that the sleeve itself is not too tight, so having a contrast of the tighter rings to go inside of is a welcome feature. There is one point of tightness after the rings, and afterwards, leads into a slightly bumpy sensation. For the most part, you are just going to notice the pass through rings / Lotus Nodes, and the tighter point right after the rings.

For the most part, this is not going to be a super intense feeling toy, I would rate this at a medium intensity. Not so little to get bored of the feeling, but not so much that you will get overwhelmed by the sensation. In terms of stimulation, the rings and the slightly tighter point in the sleeve create a great feeling in general. I would give this a very solid rating in this category, but nothing that will absolutely knock your socks off. Great for longer sessions.

Overall, the Alexis Fawx Feelstar Stroker is for someone who likes a MILF type of experience, or if who is above average penis girth.

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