Alcatel 30.25X Review

Alcatel 30.25X



The Alcatel 30.25X is a 3G smart flip open mobile phone with an alphanumeric keyboard and Facebook access. We got hands-on with this mini hybrid phone.

Alcatel 30.25X Review

In the hand, the phone is small and lightweight with a flip-action that took me back to my first mobile phones. The difference with this phone is that it’s 3G enabled, and has Facebook as a main feature, so it’s essentially a basic smartphone for basic usage. You don’t get WiFi and there’s no GPS. It would really suit an older person who can’t adjust to a touch screen device as the large keyboard is easy-to-see and use. I could also see myself bringing this to a festival or gig instead of my Honor 10 which would mean less stress and a longer battery life.

Alcatel 30.25X Review

The 2MP camera is basic but functional and allows for decent snaps using the flash option. The mobile phone has just 256MB of internal storage, but you can expand this up to 32GB with an SD card which will mean around 65,000 photos. I got some good enough photos, but this is definitely not a social photographer’s option which might put some people off making this their event phone.

Alcatel 30.25X Review

I do rate this highly as a backup phone as it has 200 hours of standby time which will mean it’s ready to go when I need it.  The phone is missing emails and other apps so wouldn’t be a good choice for anyone who wants a functional assistant in their pocket. If you just want to send texts, make calls and get on Facebook then this is a brilliant little phone. For the modern market however, this is a niche that hardly exists anymore.

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