Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor Review

Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor



Now with mould risk indication! The Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor helps with asthma, allergies, sleep and overall health. The perfect first step to understanding health and comfort levels in any room.

Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor Review

The Airthings Wave Mini has a very minimal design. The white plastic shell has the Airthings logo on the top, and an LED under the plastic which will turn on when you wave your hand over it. This is to indicate the air quality with a traffic light system. The battery cover is magnetic, so easy to remove if needed. The battery runs off 3 AA batteries, that are packaged with the Airthings Wave Mini. The batteries should last around 2 years.

Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor Specs:

  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.2 or later, Hub* with Airthings SmartLink
  • Accuracy – Tracks levels over long periods allowing for more accuracy than traditional methods
  • Visual indicator – Wave in front of the device to get a visual indication of your indoor air quality levels
  • Air sensors – Mould risk, airborne chemicals and odors (VOCs), temperature and humidity
  • Batteries – 3 AA batteries included with 2-year lifetime
  • Installation – Mount on the wall with a single screw or use table stand

The Wave Mini’s main job is to give you a glance of volatile organic compounds in your home. Short term exposure creates problems like nose and throat problems, which can lead to headaches. Long term can lead to asthma and other breathing problems. Volatile organic compounds in your home can be things like smoke, cleaning items, paints etc.

After putting the batteries into the Mini, you can open the app and follow the steps to link the two together. After the initial setup, you then have to wait 7 days for the calibration to take place. At any point, you can wave your hand in front to see the air quality. Green is good, yellow is a warning to check the levels and red means you should do something now to resolve the status.

The app allows you to see sensor thresholds for Mould risk, Humidity, Temperature, VOC. You can filter by time and date, allowing you to track the stats.

Overall, the Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Monitor is a great little sensor to have in your home. If you have started to notice breathing issues, this could be a very good choice to find the cause.

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