AirPop Facemasks

The AirPop Facemasks are designed from the inside out, we focused on efficacy, wearability, breathability and comfort.

AirPop’s intelligent product system learns and adapts to the wearer, and her environment, providing feedback and deepening understanding through personalized guidance.


Every face is different. That’s why AirPop masks are shaped to fill the hard-to-seal area around the nose bridge, which prevents leakage and fogging.


Innovative 3D dome design engineered for ideal air exchange. The 3D shape stands off the face to create a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation. 


AirPop masks gently form to your face as you talk, smile and move while being light enough that you forget it’s on.

AirPop Facemasks

Fit is not just about comfort, fit is essential to the mask’s performance. An accurate and close fit is integral to minimizing aerosol and droplet ingress. At AirPop we have completely reimagined the construction, shape, and fit of our masks. Taking our measurements from a database of 3,000+ digital scans, our masks are crafted to align with the ergonomics of the human face. Through a patented adaptive fit design, AirPop provides an effective barrier to support you in your everyday life.

Two-way filtration reduces the number of particles shared when breathing. AirPop masks create an effective barrier between you and others with market-leading filtration for total peace of mind.

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