AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller Review

AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller



The AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller is a truly revolutionary design due to several factors. It boasts a very sturdy and durable construction able to withstand both fits of rage and crazy joy. There’s no need to hold back with AimCon in your hands since it’s been designed to keep up with all your possible shenanigans! More importantly, the AimCon is super highly accurate in its functions and button presses making aiming and – speaking frankly – winning so much more fun and easy!

Let’s start with Remapping Paddles – an ingenious feature that makes it easier to execute any combo of button and trigger presses. Those paddles are not only slick looking (kind of reminding us of spider-like design) but also allow you to assign any function to them completely reshaping the way you use your controller. Paddles are very ergonomically placed and you will quickly start relying on them during your gaming sessions – they’re just so much more comfortable! As they can be programmed exactly the way you want them to be it also means that you’re absolutely free in creating your own experience with AimCon!

AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller Review

AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller Review

Ah, those button presses, they feel so nice! AimCon is equipped with Digital Buttons featuring a high-quality rubber membrane. You’ll feel the satisfaction from every single press – and AimCon will ensure that each of your presses is registered quickly and accurately. AimCon designers say (and we certainly have to agree on that one) that those clicks resound pleasantly and can be even compared to mouse clicks.

Active Triggers – another fantastic feature of AimCon that will allow you to move between two very different modes of play. One is designed more toward FPS enthusiasts that require the highest responsiveness from their triggers and the second mode is tailored more toward racing games fans. And the best part is how easy it is to switch between those two – simply use the dedicated custom switch and enjoy gaming the way you like it more!

Last but not least – AimCon is designed to simply be sitting comfortably in your palms. You don’t have to worry about your hands getting tired or feeling any discomfort. The ergonomic shape is something that might be a priority for some but really – it should be a priority for everyone!

Overall, the AimControllers Innovative PS5 AimCon Controller is a must-have for any PS5 owner. It’s quite frankly amazing!

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