ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo Review

ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo Review



Firstly, the ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo is the most accurate stylus from Adonit I have tried of theirs over the years and it worked good enough on both iPhone and iPad but has some big drawbacks including malfunctioning parts and even the vague and confusing marketing of the Neo line is poor, to say the least.

If it worked as advertised, it would be good for a non-artist who has an iPad and iPhone that are not top of the line. The reason is that they added a magnet so it can attach to the iPad. This is both great and absurd depending upon what you own and plan to use your devices for. I already have the Apple Pencil and just need a stylus for iPhone but you can’t use the built-in magnet at the same time obviously so there is no place to attach this on my iPhone. If there was, I would have kept it. A business person would probably be able to use this to replace Apple Pencil. I have ordered the AI voice stylus which at least offers the recording also. I’ll have the same problem with where to store it so I’m getting a case.

ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo Review

I wrote the company and the response was not at all what I was asking but just someone telling me verbatim from the vague marketing how it was supposed to work? I asked why the blue mode didn’t work on my iPad with the palm rejection and they said “yes, it works” lol.

ADONIT Stylus Neo Review

My last recent Note 3 was is ok but is very inconsistent. I had just lost it again due to it having no clip or a way to attach it to something. I was not interested in note 4 or any other until I read about the Neo duo.

ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo Review

The biggest overall problem they have is that they and others have not been able to produce the perfect stylus for anyone who needs all the features of the Apple Pencil – AND works accurately on an iPhone. I was happy to read about the Neo duo and try it out. I knew right away that this would only work for non-artists as there is no pressure sensitivity or tilt, which is a huge deal.

So basically, the Neo duo did work on both iPhone and iPad Pro 2020 in green mode and by pressing the on button again a blue light came on and was supposed to work on just the iPad Pro but it did nothing.
Also, there is a screw-on tip that comes off to replace the actual writing tip. This was suddenly missing after a few days but luckily I found it by accident vacuuming! It must have been very loose when I received it, so make sure to tighten it right out of the box!

Overall, the ADONIT Stylus Neo Duo is the stylus Apple wish they made.

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