adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones



Built with comfort in mind, the adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones come with three sets of differently sized eartips for a truly customised fit. So whether you’re hitting the gym or walking around the city, you can trust that they’ll stay put throughout the whole day.

From walking in the rain to sweating it out at the gym, you can feel confident these earbuds will keep up. The IPX4 rating means they’re sweat-proof and splash-proof, so light rain and heavy movement are never a problem.

I’ve been using these for the last month and they are really nice and comfortable to use for long periods of time. I usually have issues with the fit of earbuds but these fit perfectly. There are various tips for you to use to get the best fit. The case is nice and compact and lets you know its rough power status of it by pressing the adidas button on the front.

adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

The styling of the buds is actually good and doesn’t stick out at all, these are more compact buds than a lot of the others out there. The touch control works very well. I’ve had no accidental button presses at all and it’s pretty simple to learn all the gestures for them.

adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

The app is there if you’d like to mess about with the sound settings or the control settings and to be honest I was happy with the sound straight from the off. There’s some nice bass to these although they do favour the lower end of the sound spectrum so can sound very slightly muffled on some songs. But you can reduce the lower levels and up the higher end levels if you prefer that.

These are great for exercising as they don’t come out at all and the pass-through option works well for listening to traffic noises around you. The noise cancellation is OK and about on par with some of the other lower-end buds with noise reduction. There’s a very slight audible hiss when this mode is activated, you can’t really hear it when music is playing, but when there’s dead air you can hear it, so I don’t really turn this option on.

Overall, I like the adidas ZNE 01 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones, I wouldn’t say the sound quality is any better than some of the cheaper offerings out there. You are really paying for the name with these, so if you see them on offer then I can recommend them.

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