addlink S91 2TB 2230 NVMe SSD Review

addlink S91 2TB 2230 NVMe SSD



The ever-expanding gaming and data-intensive application sector makes storage solutions a paramount requirement. Enter the addlink S91 2TB NVMe SSD that promises to meet these ever-growing needs. Let’s delve into how it fared during our testing.

Built on the PCIe Gen4x4 interface, the S91 offers backward compatibility with the Gen3x4 interface. This feature ensures a broader range of devices can harness the power and speed of this SSD. While it’s tailored for the M.2 2230 form factor, it covers a broad spectrum of compatibility, notably Valve Steam Deck, Microsoft Surface, and several Intel & AMD laptop/tablet platforms. This adaptability ensures that users with diverse devices can benefit from it.

addlink S91 2TB 2230 NVMe SSD Review

The S91 promises a Read/Write speed of up to 5000/3200MB/s. From our observations, these numbers aren’t just for show. The device genuinely delivers on its promise, which is especially beneficial for Steam gamers or anyone using applications that require rapid data access.

Real-life reviews mirror this sentiment. David, a user from the UK, mentioned how the 2TB storage provided ample space for his gaming and retro library emulation needs. Meanwhile, Jamie Corr found the upgrade to the addlink S91 transformed his ROG Ally’s storage experience.

addlink S91 2TB 2230 NVMe SSD Review

Addlink seems to have a pulse on what users want. The SSD comes equipped with features such as SLC Caching, HMB (host memory buffer), SMART, TRIM, and thermal throttling. The inclusion of SmartECC ensures that data corruption, a common SSD concern, is kept at bay.

The ease with which this SSD can be set up cannot be overstressed. Many users, like DirtyDozen12 and S H SIKDHER, have praised its straightforward installation process, especially for the Steam Deck. A seamless upgrade process can make or break a user’s experience, and addlink has evidently paid heed to this fact.

addlink S91 2TB 2230 NVMe SSD Review

A 5-year limited warranty is not just a statement of quality but also a testament to the trust addlink places in its product. The S91 being up to 50 times faster than a standard microSD USH-I card further accentuates its performance credibility.

However, no product is without its share of concerns. A review from Spain pointed out that the NAND wasn’t TLC but QLC, using the MICRON MT29F1T08GBLCE3W. While the product functioned correctly for the user, it’s essential to be aware of this detail for those specifically seeking TLC over QLC.

In wrapping up, the addlink S91 2TB NVMe SSD makes a compelling case for itself. It’s not just about the ample storage but also about speed, reliability, and compatibility. The positive reviews from users, especially in the UK, further solidify its standing in the market. While it’s essential to be aware of the TLC and QLC distinction, for many users, the sheer performance and ease of use could overshadow this detail.

With the given data and user reviews, on a scale of 1-10, we would confidently assign the addlink S91 a solid 9. The minor point deduction stems from the QLC concern, but overall, the product has showcased its merit effectively.

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