Addis 50 Litre Recycling Sensor Tower Bin Review

Addis 50 Litre Recycling Sensor Tower Bin



The Addis 50 litre Recycling Sensor Tower Bin with Stainless Steel finger proof finish; Includes 3 – 4 separate wet dry compartments for all your kitchen utility waste trash.

Addis 50 Litre Recycling Sensor Tower Bin Review

This bin features a bottom drawer which has a 20-litre capacity and a divider if you want to section your rubbish. There are an additional 2 15-litre compartments at the top of this bin to ensure you can section your rubbish to suit recycling guidelines. The top of this bin features a hands-free wave sensor which ensures a hygienic opening for you and the family.

Unboxing was a breeze, as this came as a single unit. All we had to do was remove from the box and put 4 AA batteries into the lid. The wave function will take a little while to get used to, as we struggled to find the area of the sensor.

It is so sleek and cool to look at. I previously had a pedal bin and a broken pedal. It was a natural solution to get a sensor bin when the old bin died a death.

I will be honest and say don’t use this for recycling. Though I understand the reason it was built. But we ended up using the top section as normal bin storage with a bag. Then use the draws under for storage.

It is an expensive bin but it shows in the craftsmanship of it. It is the perfect height and size for any kitchen. If in any hesitation, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase of this bin.

Overall, the Addis 50 Litre Recycling Sensor Tower Bin is a perfect addition to any home. If you are big on recycling then this is perfect, if you want to use it as a normal bin then you can too.

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