A Very Valco Christmas – Get 5% off with code Luke

In this short Dickensian Valco christmas tale, Raimo is visited by three christmas spirits. All of them telling him what he should do in 2022. These also reflect their visions for Valco in the next year. 

Valco NL21 TWS Earbuds Review

During christmas time our customer support will be even more closed than usual. Valcos autumn has been very stressful and they wanted to let everyone relax a bit before the new challenges of 2022.

Overall, everything seems to be going for the better. They have been able to deliver hundreds and hundreds of repaired VMK20 headphones that were suffering of the Fish Memory issue (yet there are hundreds and hundreds more to fix).

Also the launch of NL21 earbuds has been a success so far. First customers have received theirs and they seem to like the product – especially the signature sound of Jasse Kesti. Almost all NL21 phones have been sold already, but instead of going out of stock, Valco will be receiving more of everything by early January.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Valco Christmas, even it is a tradition that is not from your religion. Take this time off and remember what is important in life – your family and your friends. This is at least what I will do.

Also they fully support those who want to take some time off from annoying family members and decide to become an alcoholic hermit living in the woods alone. This is the way of Jani.

Get 5% off with code Luke

Check out the VMK20 Wireless ANC Headphones or the new NL21 TWS Earbuds.

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