A Review of Cloud-Based Phone Systems: 5 Useful Features for Your Call Centre

As many of us turn to the cloud for storing pictures and videos, business software is also moving in the same direction.

Cloud-based call centre phone systems have made everything easy by consolidating different communication platforms. They improve the call centre experience for customers and agents while improving your bottom line, making this a win for everyone.

In this review, discover the top 5 features that make cloud-based phone systems useful to call centres and how you could take advantage of these systems.

Easy Integrations

A cloud-based call centre phone system can help you personalize every customer interaction. It can integrate with other helpful apps like Microsoft Teams and your team’s powerful tools. That makes it easy to find solutions faster and keeps your team’s productivity high because the employees can easily access customer and product data.

It is also easy to add new features to the system, making it more efficient for any tasks you handle at the call centre. Combining resources into a single package allows your business to scale to greater heights through coordinated and efficient customer service that clients will love.

Instant Messaging

Text-based communication is efficient and convenient because it allows for real-time responses to clients. A cloud-based phone system gives your call centre the instant messaging feature that can be used across devices, making it highly available.

It makes it easy for agents to respond swiftly to client requests and provides written evidence of the communication for reference. Instant messaging helps your company solve client issues before they escalate because someone is there to respond whenever a problem arises.

Automated Voice Menu

Keeping your customers in line waiting is bad for business as it’s a top irritant for unsatisfied customers. This is especially frustrating when you could instantly reduce the workload by directing calls to the correct departments. The only way to ensure customers do not wait for long is to have a cloud-based system with an automated voice menu.

That allows customers to pick the department they want and even specify the kind of problem they have to be directed to the right team. Therefore, such systems will save you and your clients a lot of wasted time.

Call Transfer

The cloud-based system has an incredible feature that ensures your team never misses a call wherever they are. That is because it allows the team to place and receives calls from multiple devices. If someone calls the work number, it will ring on all the connected devices if the agent is not at their desk.

The feature also allows call transfers, meaning no calls will ever go unanswered. That type of efficiency will improve the customers’ experience and paint your business positively to clients all over.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing increases productivity and allows your teams to meet and discuss issues wherever they are. That enables the team to plan working strategies and achieve high efficiency in customer service. Unlike other phone systems where you have to spend more money to get the feature as an add-on, you get it with the system when it comes to these highly adaptive cloud-based options.

Improve Your Business By Updating Your Phones

A cloud-based system is an excellent addition to any business with clients worldwide. The only problem it might have is that it relies on internet connectivity. That means your team might be unable to work with lousy or no internet. However, you can navigate that by investing in reliable and highly available internet solutions. 

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