7 Useful Tips For Playing DayZ

Who doesn’t love playing survival games? If you are also among the gamers who enjoy playing survival games for hours and hours, then you must have already heard about DayZ. It is one of the most consuming and thrilling survival games and brings a whole new meaning to this genre. With zombies, falling buildings, bandits, and several other causes trying to kill you instantly, surviving in this world is a task, especially for newbies. Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best tips for DayZ with aimbot to prolong your life in the game. Whether you are a beginner in the game or have been trying to get better at it for some time, you must follow these below-listed tips and tricks that will help you survive.

7 Useful Tips For Playing DayZ

Try to stay alive for longer.

If you think you can survive in the DayZ without getting killed, think again. DayZ is no easy feat and doesn’t go easy on its players – whether they are a newbie or a veteran. With sudden attacks from every corner at any time, this game is quite unpredictable, so focusing more on staying alive as long as possible should be your primary goal. Try to last more minutes in the game, survive attacks from zombies, and stay in cover as much as possible to avoid unexpected encounters.

Search for food ASAP

Just like in real life, food is also quite essential in the world of DayZ. So, as soon as you enter the game, finding food should be one of the first things you need to do. You do not want to put yourself in the spot where you run out of food, causing your energy levels to run low. You can find cans of food lying around the ground or hunt the animals occasionally passing by near your location. Make sure you are always equipped with sharp tools to open food cans or hunt animals. Or you can even search for food in coastal areas or houses. But, if someone has already been there, you won’t be able to find anything, so you have to be quick.

Keep a check on the health bar.

Located on your screen, the health bar helps you track your health status and the damage you may have taken. A falling health level is an alarming situation that draws your attention to the need for doing something before it gets worse. Try to keep your health levels above a certain point to stay alive for a longer time in the game. If you run low on blood, replenish it with blood bags, or stop bleeding if there is any using rags or bandages.

Avoid high-traffic areas.

If you do not want to be instantly killed, staying away from areas with high traffic like Northwest, Berezino, and Northeast airfields is the best course of action. These places are like the wild west, where anything could go wrong at any time. Although these areas are great for stocking quality weapons, these are a nightmare, especially for the new players. These high-traffic areas are a graveyard of many players, and only a few professional players can survive here. So, stick to smaller towns if you want to survive for a longer time.

Be cautious

To stay alive for a longer time in a game like DayZ, you need to keep yourself out of your opponents’ radar. Make sure you do everything and anything possible to stay unnoticed in the game. With zombies and strong players ready to pounce on you, staying hidden is the best strategy you can try in the game. Stay away from big cities or even the main roads and wear dark colours during the night to prolong your life.

Move in one direction.

With complex maps and confusing paths, it is easy to get lost in DayZ. So, instead of going around in any direction, try moving straight in one direction to avoid moving in circles. It will help you stay focused and consume less energy.

Use energy wisely

Remember, you do not have an unlimited energy supply, so use it carefully. Avoid doing heavy-duty task as much as possible to save your energy from running out quickly.

Hopefully, these tips will boost your DayZ gaming experience and ensure you get the most out of your gaming skills. 

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