5 Things to Know About Mac Mini Video Editing

Mac Mini is Apple’s smallest desktop which might not be as fast as other Mac desktops such as Mac Pro or iMac. The best thing about Mac Mini is that it is good for general-purpose usage as well as for running pro apps. 

If you are a video editing professional looking for the best and cheapest Mac that suits your budget, go for M1 Mac Mini. In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know before buying a Mac Mini video editing desktop.

5 Things to Know About Mac Mini Video Editing

Why Mac Mini for Editing Videos?

Mac Mini is popular for its compact size and dimensions. Being a video editor, you might be working as a freelancer and need to have an easy-to-carry computing device that can make your task easier. With a faster processor, you will never experience lags in performance. 

With Mac Mini, you get the advantage of an audio in-port that allows you to connect speakers without a USB interface. As a video editor, if you download too many apps or animations online, the Ethernet port gives you speed. 

Do You Get a Monitor With a Mac Mini?

The Mac Mini doesn’t include a monitor, so you have to buy one that best fits your video editing needs. Buying a high-end display with higher resolution will maximize the potential of your Mini desktop. Plus, make sure that the display is compatible to run with Mac Mini; else, you may end up thinking why Mac won’t play videos

Having an M1 Mac Mini helps you tackle your video editing needs seamlessly. With a larger screen, you get a wider area to work on. Some of the best monitors for Mini include:

  • Apple Studio Display
  • LG 32UN880-B Ultrafine Ergo
  • LG38WN95C
  • BenQ SW321C PhotoVue
  • Dell UP2720Q
  • ASUS ProArt PA278CV
  • Samsung M8

Now, if you want to make a clear-cut comparison, Apple Studio wins the competition, but it is excessively pricey. So, Apple Studio Display might not be an option for everyone. If you can afford this heavily priced monitor for M1 Mac Mini, you will be amazed by the experience. 

When budget is a constraint, the best option for video editors is the ASUS ProArt PA278CV, as it comes with excellent 2560X1440 resolution, 350 cd/m2 brightness, and amazing color support. The 27 inches screen display gives you ample space to edit videos. 

Other significant features worth mentioning include the ability to run two screens simultaneously with DisplayPort and the amazing on-screen scaling overlay. As far as brightness levels are concerned, 350 nits is a standard nowadays. 

Is Your Mac Mini Upgradable?

Apple products have the reputation of being non-upgradable, but this is not the case with the Intel-based mac Mini. You can upgrade the SSD and RAM after purchasing the device. However, make sure to contact Apple-certified expert technicians for upgrading specifications. 

You can upgrade the Mac Mini RAM to up to 62GB while SSD is upgradable to 2TB. Since you will be working on heavy-volume video editing projects, consider having at least 32GB of memory and 1TB of storage. The upgradable configuration makes Mac Mini a preferred option over MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

What Ports Does M1 Mac Mini Have?

The connectivity ports you have on your Mac Mini depend upon whether you have an M1 or Intel-based device. 

If you have the M1 Mac Mini, you will get multiple ports, including:

  • Ethernet port with the option to upgrade to 10 gigabit 
  • Two Thunderbolt-3 or USB 4 ports
  • Two USB-A ports 
  • Audio out or headphone jack
  • HDMI

On Intel-based Mac Mini, you will get the following ports:

  • Ethernet port with the option to upgrade to 10 gigabit 
  • Four Thunderbolt-3 or USB-C ports
  • Two USB-A ports 
  • Audio out or headphone jack
  • HDMI

When it comes to connectivity options on Intel-based Macs, the more expensive the device, the more ports you get. If you don’t want to spend more on buying a high-end Mac Mini, get a Thunderbolt or USB hub. 

How Speedy Is the Mini for Video Editing?

Speed is another important aspect that video editors must keep in mind before finalizing their Mac Mini purchase. M1 Mini supports 16 gigabytes of memory and is non-upgradable beyond that. If you wish to include more RAM, the Intel-based Mini is the option. 

In addition to RAM, the Intel-based Mac Mini comes with a Core i5 6-core 3.0GHz processor and is highly configurable to up to 64 gigabytes of storage. The company is working hard to make its processors more efficient than ever, but it will take some time. 

You can expect the new Mac Mini with more Thunderbolt ports. The device will even work with discrete graphics card units. Your new Mac Mini video editing desktop is likely to be less than an inch tall, and this will make it more portable. 


Mac Mini is one of the best and most affordable picks in Apple desktop computers for video editors who wish to begin their editing journey like a pro. Before investing in the device, make sure to go through the specifications of all the models available in the market. 

Also, don’t forget to consider budget as one of the main aspects, keeping in mind that you will need to purchase the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on top of it.

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