1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds



1MORE’s proprietary QuietMax active noise cancellation technology combines hybrid ANC technology, precise audio tuning, dual-band ANC and wind noise reduction in one suite to deliver effective noise cancelling without compromising the sound quality on the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

I was impressed with the build quality of these earbuds which feel reassuringly heavy without this being an issue. I have never gone on with the ‘air-pod style but these ear pods are very comfortable and stable in the ear. Straught from the box there are so easy to understand, everything about setting them up has been well thought through and easily explained.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

ANC is a standout, I have had a fair few pairs of buds over the years, I’ve always been reluctant to justify spending too much and as a result, ended up with decent yet not great ANC, these buds cost me under £100 and are worth every penny spent. With 5 noise cancelling modes for varying environments there is an option for most people. I tend to stick with the default option as it seems a good fit for everyday life for me.

The fit in the ear feels snug and secure. I often forget I’m wearing them such is the comfort level. They are clear on phone calls both ways. They benefit from the latest Bluetooth version which means they are great for connectivity which is very important. The sound is clear with plenty of bass without losing precision.

I have used these for several hours on end and they have good battery life. Also, the charging case with magnetic fitting is very easy to use. Testing these side by side with beats, lypertek and Sennheiser and they compare very favourably. The sound quality is superb compared to what I am used too they are a class above. Definitely one for a shortlist.

I would recommend the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Earbuds especially if you are working from home and on the phone a lot as they have a good fit, they are easy to use and have clear sound. They also sound great for listening to your favourite tracks in between calls. I am very impressed.

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