12 is Better Than 6 Nintendo Switch Review

12 is Better Than 6



In 12 is Better Than 6 on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to cock the revolver with one trigger before being able to shoot by pressing another trigger. One false move and you’ll be overrun in an instant.

12 is Better Than 6 Nintendo Switch Review

12 Is Better Than 6 uses a top-down view. This means that you just see character hats and the tops of buildings. This can make controlling your character a little difficult to do at first. But after a bit, the controls make a lot of sense. There isn’t any color to the came, it feels like it was drawn with biros. It features a white background and blue outlines and details for the characters and buildings. There is another color though, red appears when you start killing the baddies.

12 is Better Than 6 Nintendo Switch Review

You play the game as a Mexican with no memory. As you shoot your way through the old west you start to put together the pieces of your past. Locations do vary, but the top down view does make them less memorable.

12 is Better Than 6 Nintendo Switch Trailer

This is a one-shot kill game. So you will die a lot when trying to play the perfect route to complete it. There is a stealth method, which I found is a little more fun. You can use a knife and bow to quietly take out the enemies. You can also go out guns blazing, and use Winchesters, double-barreled guns, revolvers, and Gatling guns to mow through your enemies.

12 is Better Than 6 Nintendo Switch Review

I really enjoyed playing 12 Is Better Than 6. The visuals are so different that its a pleasure to play. The gameplay is different from other top-down shooters, with stealth being a key element. Its the perfect game for handheld mode as the twin sticks work great. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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